15 December 2022

To our friends and clients in Miramichi and surrounding communities:

We would like to make you aware that effective December 31, 2022, our Meadows location in Sunny Corner will close permanently. Our Bell’s location will, of course, continue to serve the rural communities as we have in the past.

We haven’t taken this decision lightly. We have carefully considered the effect on our service and our clients, and we are very confident that we can offer an equal or better level of care with just one building.

We believe this is in keeping with the evolving expectations of our clients. The families we are serving today are, in general, making less use of funeral home facilities. We are still caring for their loved ones but we’re seeing shorter gatherings, with more in the community and fewer in our facilities, so we simply don’t need the space we once did. That excess and underused space also adds to the business’s overhead at a time when we are working hard to keep prices affordable.

The Sunny Corner location has been a part of Bell’s for about 20 years but we served families in that area long before that, and with the technology and other tools now available to us, combined with the alternative facilities in the community, that families have been increasingly choosing to use, we’re certain we can still meet the needs of those who rely on us.

In making this announcement we want to reassure those with existing pre-arrangements or prefunding plans on file at Meadows that their plans are secure. They will be accessible at Bell’s and we will, of course, carry out your arrangements, as requested, when the need arises. Records of past services will also be retained at the Bell’s location.

Anyone with concerns or questions and those seeking clarification about the status of their own file is encouraged to contact us at 506-622-3600.

We are grateful for the support of our communities – for a century now - and we remain committed to providing the caring and attentive, quality service you have come to expect from Bell’s.

Dana T. Jardine
Owner & Managing Director
Bell’s Funeral Home Ltd.